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End Wasteful Spending

I will work to stop wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars and reduce the out-of-control federal deficit. We need to make it easier to survive in the country!

Secure our Borders

I will work with the president, and colleagues in Congress to strengthen and secure our boarders. I will work to make the immigration process more efficient for legal, law-abiding immigrants. We want to welcome only those who will benefit the future!

Stop the Crime

Our opioid problem has created a crime problem that has endangered our community. We need to help those who are addicted, while working with our law enforcement to end drug crime and trafficking. Let's create long lasting recovery programs!

Support our Veterans

We need to ensure our veterans have access to quality and affordable healthcare and housing. Too many veterans are without a home and proper care. They fought for us, it's our turn to fight for them!

Committee to Elect Brian Belanger
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