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"As our next Congressman, I will be a grassroots voice for working families in Washington who will work to make people the top priority."

                                         -Brian Belanger


Thank You to all the Military personnel past and present, who have made sacrifices for our        great country!


I have been thinking of a time before I wanted be your congressman. I had met this wonderful older gentlemen at a North Country general store in the summer of last year. We had talked about New Hampshire politics; not how it is today, but how it used to be. Back when New Hampshire was a red state. It is very scary to see the increasing number of independents in today's population. It is not only our politicians that have lost touch, but also the political parties have forgotten the N.H. People! I am running to be your congressman so the government can hear your voice. I run not as a big money funded delegate accepting super pacts from big money corporations. I am funded by myself, close friends and other New Hampshire constituents, who with donations from $1 to $20, have helped me thus far. The fight has just begun. The establishment is trying to drown your voice in Washington. We need to show them it is possible to put a grassroots candidate with your voice back into Washington. Please contribute with your donation today. Help Belanger 4 NH put your voice back into Washington.
Thank you, future congressman Brian Belanger


As a father and small business owner, it has become increasingly clear that there is no voice for the little guy in Congress.

High business taxes and burdensome regulations are forcing our mom and pop shops out of business, and this needs to stop for us to turn our economy around.

(With Governor Sununu @ the NHGOP Annual Meeting 2018)

I have traveled around this great state of ours for many reasons. I have stopped to listen to you and your concerns. I understand that you have had your share of trials and tribulations.




Sunday, October 29, 2017 8:53 PM

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